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Soul Care® is home for an emerging community of people committed to a way of walking out faithfulness to their soul journey.  Based in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada through programs of Soul Care Circles, Spiritual Direction and Evenings of Sung Prayer, the soul care network is growing with relationships across North America and beyond.

Founded by Cathy AJ Hardy, Soul Care began through contemplative Soul Care Retreats in 2003. Over the years as many people continued to return to these retreats, the work expanded into 12-month formation programs and the offering of Spiritual Direction. 

The Soul Care community seeks to journey with others; offering soul companionship and sacred space for groups and individuals to pursue personal and spiritual growth and development through spiritual direction, retreats, and soul care programs.

We believe the more we understand of ourselves and our story, the more we know Divine grace and are able to turn towards the beauty that lies within us and all of life.  

Rooted in the contemplative Christian mystical tradition, Soul Care is based upon the unconditional merciful Love that the mystics experienced and expressed in their lives and writings. 

It is the belief that we come from Love and we are being re-membered into this Love. We are inspired by lives such as St. Brigid, St. Francis, St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross. We are inspired by the life of Christ who invites us to live from the well-springs within and pour our lives out from the mercy and generous love we have known.  

We seek to build a wide circle of relationships in this soul care journey; including those within a similar tradition, inter-faith relationships, and those who have no religious identity.  Soul Care has formed many ecumenical relationships over the page 20 years with Anglican, Presbyterian, Mennonite, Catholic, and non-religious communities for service in soul work through retreats and Evenings of Sung Prayers. 

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Currently, Soul Care offers the following:

    • Year One:  Anam Cara
    • Year Two:  Cloister
    • Year Three: Red Cedar

A summary of the work of soul care is this:

To rest and know.

To look and receive.

To become and bless.

Cathy AJ Hardy

Soul Care Team

Cathy Hardy

Cathy AJ Hardy

Cathy AJ Hardy is the founder and director of Soul Care, an organization of Spiritual Formation through circle gatherings, Spiritual Direction, Soul Care Retreats, music, poetry and more. Cathy is a singer-songwriter, retreat facilitator, Spiritual Director, and author. Profoundly connected to the land where she lives and rooted in a deep spirituality, Cathy writes and sings from soul depths. Her words and melodies flow out of the stories of her life. Her many compositions have been described as ‘healing, inspiring, hope-filled, honest and courageous’ and have been recognized many times with the Gospel Music Awards of Canada. She is the author of Love Breathes With Me I and II (poems & prayers) and Walk With Me, Transformation through the Pathway of Spiritual Direction. After teaching music for over 35 years, Cathy is now devoting her vocational life to the Soul Care ministry. Her home is in Mission, BC. Canada.  Learn more about Cathy and find her music & other resources through: www.cathyajhardy.com.

Arlana Knuttila

Arlana Knuttila

Arlana Knuttila is currently working as the Assistant Director of Soul Care.  In this supportive role she assists Cathy Hardy, the Spiritual Direction Training School, the Soul Care Circle Mentors and Participants.  She combines an administrative background with a deep commitment to the Spiritual life and journey.  Her own Spiritual journey began in Christianity but has evolved into an Earth Medicine practice where she connects to the Divine through the natural world.   She is deeply committed to the Soul Care Community and its programs.  Arlana has participated in all the Soul Care Circles of Formation and has completed the Spiritual Direction Training program as well.   She also works as one of the Soul Care Spiritual Directors.  She is passionate about inner healing for individuals and grateful to be living out her vocation in this community.

Kristi Schroots

Kristi Schroots

Kristi works as Director of Communication for Soul Care.  In this role she is part of the team that supports the greater vision and work of Soul Care. She strives to ensure that people are connected and have access to information on all the Soul Care offerings and events. Also, Kristi is working to fulfill a collective desire to share the experiences, stories, writings and art that are coming out of people’s soul care journeys.  Kristi brings her education and experience in business administration to this work along with a commitment and hope to provide warm hospitality to each soul encountered in conversation or task. Kristi’s desire to deepen in her lived experience of God present in her own heart and life led her to Anam Cara, the first of three Soul Care Circles of Formation. Along with taking all three one year – formation courses, she also has completed the Spiritual Direction Training program. As a spiritual companion Kristi considers it a great joy and gift to be present to others engaging with their own heart and spirit, listening together for Love’s invitation.

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