Reflections From Participants

It is hard to describe how beautifully this 2-year course in Spiritual Direction has been crafted.  Intuitively, Cathy and Gillian (the instructors) have created a course that takes into account best practices.  They have built a relationship with each individual in the course, built community with the group, developed a rich curriculum, and invited and celebrated diversity; they have high and clear expectations while also allowing and inviting individual differences.  Cathy and Gillian are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers; they are also supportive, loving, vulnerable, and open to change.

The course is well designed while being flexible and responsive to the learners and topics and questions that arise.  Some highlights for me have been:

COMMUNITY: this year because of COVID, most of our gatherings have been on-line which is a much more difficult way to build community.  However, through two monthly meetings, individual pair meetings, an on-line format for comments and discussion the instructors have built a community of trust.

CLASSES: Cathy and Gillian use a variety of methods and strategies that make the classes engaging, meaningful and interactive: meditations and check-in, presentations, large and small group discussions, break-out rooms where we practice in triads, question and answer periods, gratitudes, readings, blessings, songs, movement, and breaks.  These classes are rich and meaningful and provide many opportunities to understand the content and to develop relationships. In addition, when opportunities arise – optional gatherings have been offered to deepen the work.

THEMES/LEARNINGS:  The course is developed around themes that are important in becoming Spiritual Directors.  Work with these themes include readings, guest speakers, large group, small group and pair discussions, weekly reflections, peer and instructor feedback in areas we need to know and understand and think about, e.g., the art of listening, Christian mystics, dark night of the soul, dreamwork, how to be present, ask questions, be attentive, listen for our own responses and reactions.  Each month as we explore a topic, we are required to do inner work, reflect, respond, delve deeply, look at our shadows, and trust in the Spirit.

GIFTS AND STRENGTHS: The instructors honour and encourage individual gifts and strengths.  We are invited to offer our gifts and strengths to the group, to express ourselves in our unique and creative ways and to honour that in each other.

PRACTICE and SUPERVISION: Training and supervision has been a gradual and non-threatening process; first practicing with each other without having to respond and then slowly moving to questions and wonders.  Supervision is collaborative and supportive. After spending many years involved in staff development in the school system, I feel so fortunate to be in a course that is so thoughtfully planned and delivered.  I am continually excited and inspired by the content, the community of learners, and the instructors. I feel challenged and supported as I learn to trust more fully in the Spirit and examine the tender and vulnerable places in myself.

– Judith King, educator, M.Ed., M.A.

I came with the desire to learn the art of Spiritual Direction and this program has exceeded my expectations. It has been a deep and rich learning to accompany others and this has been only a portion of the program.

Throughout the course the invitation has been for greater personal learning, growth and deepening my journey with the Divine. The content has been extremely rich and I am confident the class will be well equipped to provide this spiritual care for others.

– Heidi Wiebe

I came into Spiritual Direction Training uncertain if this was the path for me.  Even though it was something I desired, I didn’t know if it was the right fit.  Was I trying to fit into shoes that were too much for me?

However, as the training proceeded from month to month, we entered into topics that were so relevant and interesting, not only for my learning as a SD, but for my own personal journey as well. Throughout the 2 years, Cathy and Gillian were supportive and affirming.  They had our backs!  Each time I thought I had to leap over something too large for me, the grace was always there that carried me through.

– Corinne Stellingwerff

What I valued most in our spiritual direction training circle was the intimacy amongst us. It was and is a safe place where we are seen and where we see others. I really liked the size; perfect size for me.  We were all on the same journey with all our insecurities, trying to learn how to do this holy form of art.

I appreciated our training with Soul Care; everything we learned was applicable to spiritual directing.  Cathy is a wonderful teacher. She has a way of simplifying complicated, deep, teachings so that we all “get it”. While I often struggle with an inner critic in regards to my intelligence in group learning settings, I must say I did not feel much of that here.  Perhaps it’s growth, but the atmosphere for authenticity and acceptance which was present, was vital for the freedom to be me.

I do not know what will happen with my spiritual direction career, but I definitely know that this training has given me tools that have changed my life.  I have learned how to listen, how to hold another’s heart, how to truly see others, how to trust in Love’s presence, and how to let things go.  These things I treasure and are irreplaceable.

– Patricia Braun

SoulCare Spiritual Direction training was an amazing and valuable experience!

I cannot recommend this program strongly enough. The integral leadership and the intentionality of the content and course work was inspiring and exciting to be a part of. There is a strong emphasis on personal care through spiritual formation which I believe is essential in providing ethical and integral soul care for another. The third year focus on supervision proved invaluable as it gave us a place to bring our questions, discuss our difficulties and learn from each other. I believe that spiritual direction is an art, a life-long learning of how to journey with another. I am grateful for my formational steps with Soul Care through the leadership of Cathy AJ Hardy and Gillian Drader.

– Christine Van Bergeyk


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