Pause Program Online: September 2024- May 2025

Pause, A Year of Soulful Meditation

Pause is a new publication by Cathy AJ Hardy. It is an invitation to a year-long journey of personal discovery. Pause is designed to help us cultivate a sense of presence, connection, and inner peace. Each week offers a reflection, journal prompts, ponderings, and space for artistic expression. The book is designed to help us contemplate our lives on a deeper level. Tackling topics like courage, grief, self-care, and perseverance, Pause encourages readers to listen and reflect in order to cultivate a life of greater purpose and intention both at home and in the workplace. Rooted in a spiritual perspective, this book was created to be a loving companion on your journey to self-discovery and soul expansion.


Cathy is inviting you to a second annual program of 9 online gatherings where we will reflect on various chapters in a format that includes rhythms of stillness, silence, music, poetry, and prayer.  In this second year we will focus on different topics than the first year so it will be open to everyone.  These gatherings will be facilitated by Cathy. Nine Monthly On-Line Sessions: Thursdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm PST (recorded for you to listen anytime) Dates: Will be available by June 2024


$250 (non-refundable); Please RSVP to Click here to register for the Soul Care On-Line Gatherings happening September 2024 to May 2025. For more information about the book Pause or to purchase a copy click here.


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