Soul Shabbat

An ‘in person’ group for women who wish to set apart time to cease from the busyness of life and find deep rest in spirit with Christ.

Soul [s¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ol] noun

Divine/spiritual part of a living being.

Shabbat [sHe’ b¨at] verb

Ceasing. Period of rest. Time of reflection.


Corrina Arnold is a seasoned Therapist and part of the Soul Care Community; she is currently leading a Anam Cara circle and working as a Soul Care Spiritual Director.  Corrina is also an Associate Director of the Soul Care Spiritual Direction Training Program.

Corrina is offering Soul Shabbat, which is a women’s group that will meet in person once a month to slow down, to listen and rest in the presence of Christ.

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