Spiritual Direction Training


The Soul Care Spiritual Direction Training is based upon an apprenticeship circle model of learning. Our training is based upon the understanding that the deepest learning happens through relationship, modelling, and experience.  The art of offering spiritual direction is rooted in seasoned learning, anchored in a lineage of wisdom.

With a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 16 participants per three-year cycle, the training is grounded in teaching, study, relationship, interaction, discussion and experience.  The training is a two year program focusing on spiritual direction and personal development.  A third year is available for supervision and extended learning.

Rooted in a 2-year foundation of Anam Cara and Cloister, there is an understanding of inner work, contemplative practices, shadow work, stillness, prayer and listening that this program is built upon.

Participants entering from other spiritual formation programs / experiences will be required to complete a 6-day Anam Cara  and Cloister intensive.  (Online six 4 hour days, late August / early September).

 Even if offering spiritual direction is not clear for your future, the art of companionship, soul care for another, and continued personal development and growth will enhance your life in whatever vocation you pursue.  


Rooted in a contemplative Christian mystical and Celtic tradition as well as drawing on wisdom from other spiritual traditions, this training is based upon the unconditional and merciful Love that the mystics experienced and expressed in their lives and writings.

It is the belief that we come from this Love and we are being re-membered into this Love.

Through Spiritual Direction, we are committed to creating a space where this Love is palpable and accessible to all.

We believe this Love is healing and transformative and invites us all to live our lives in freedom and fullness, mercy and compassion, justice and kindness.

Soul Care also draws from the wisdom of Jungian psychology with dreamwork, archetypes, typology, and more.

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Current training Cohort runs October 2023 – June 2025.

Next program commences October 2025.  The training will hold bi-monthly gatherings. One gathering per month will be focused on teaching and learning triads.  The second gathering will be focused more on experience (such as dream-work), discussion, verbatims, Q & A and more. The schedule will include on-line classes and two weekend in-person gatherings for each year.  Participants will also have interaction with each other throughout the training with monthly pairs, a group on-line forum, and opportunity to participate in the Soul Care Community meditation gatherings. 

“The beautiful art of Spiritual Direction is a way of walking together through life.  It is a sense of companionship through the ebb and flow of life, a soul friendship where one can lean into Presence and remember what is true.  The truth of one’s being is alive in each person but most people fall into forgetting who they are and are pulled out of themselves into fear and control.  The long journey of spiritual direction allows us to keep falling back into the rhythms of knowing the truth of our souls.  Spiritual Direction is a gift guiding our lives towards being re-membered, re-turned, and re-called home.”   Cathy AJ Hardy, Walk with Me


i) Requirements

Completion of Anam Cara and Cloister Programs

  OR a minimum of two years of spiritual formation experiences (programs, studies, workshops, retreats) with 2 letters of reference.  If applying without experience in Anam Cara and Cloister you will be required to complete an Anam Cara / Cloister intensive in prior to the commencement of the training program.

  Two years minimum of receiving Spiritual Direction

Discernment process upon application.

ii) Teachers – Local teachers and others from across Canada and abroad will form the instructive aspect of our learning.  Teachers have included:

Doreen D. Kostynuik, M.Ed.Counselling, Spiritual Director
Dr. Marlene A Schiwy, Author, Jungian Counsellor, Body-Soul Writing Mentor
John Welch, O. Carm. Dr Rel Ed.
Lucy Abbott Tucker, SDI Co-founder, Author & Teacher
Gertrud Muller Nelson, Jungian Author
Christa Hessilink, M. Leadership, M. Theology, Founder of Soul Play

iii) Curriculum – The Spiritual Direction Training Curriculum includes:

  • The Art of Listening
  • The Art of asking Questions
  • Dreamwork and Spiritual Direction
  • Creative Arts, Poetry and Spiritual Direction
  • Self-Care and a Life-style of Contemplation
  • Learnings from St. Teresa & St. John in Spiritual Direction
  • Trauma Informed Spiritual Direction
  • Family Systems and Spiritual Direction
  • Archetypes and Spiritual Direction
  • Engaging in Story as a Pathway for Transformation in SD
  • Journaling Tools in SD
  • Enneagram and Spiritual Direction
  • Jungian Typology and SD
  • Discernment & Times of Threshold Crossing
  • Ethics and Power Dynamics
  • Journey out of Fundamentalism and SD
  • History of SD / Learning of the Mystics

iv) Faculty

  • Cathy AJ Hardy – Director & Founder
  • Corrina Arnold MA MC RCC – Associate Director
  • Beth Woelk M.SC – Associate Director
  • Arlana Knuttila – Assistant Director

v) Wisdom Council

  • Kathi Bentall – Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island
  • Doreen Kostynuik M.Ed Counselling, Spiritual Director 
  • Mary Boucher B.Ed MTS, Spiritual Director 
  • Elsie Goerzen – MCC Program Director

“I came into Spiritual Direction Training uncertain if this was the path for me.  Even though it was something I desired, I didn’t know if it was the right fit.  Was I trying to fit into shoes that were too much for me?

“However, as the training proceeded from month to month, we entered into topics that were so relevant and interesting, not only for my learning as a SD, but for my own personal journey as well. Throughout the 2 years, Cathy and Gillian were supportive and affirming.  They had our backs!  Each time I thought I had to leap over something too large for me, the grace was always there that carried me through.”

– Corinne Stellingwerff

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